"It means one of them is lying..."
This article or section of the article is non-canon.
All information listed below that regards to storyline and plot are not considered a part of the main canon timeline.

Evil Side Missions are Karmic missions that require evil Karma only. These missions involves attacking civilians, killing your enemies, and destroying the police forces. Completing these missions decreases the strength of the police, morals of the civilians and decimates the city. These missions are given by Sasha and certain shady civilians.

Completing 5 evil side missions will earn you the Arc Lightning ability, with upgrades at 10 and 15 completed evil side missions.

List of Evil Side MissionsEdit

These side missions require certain Karmic levels throughout the game.

Neon DistrictEdit

(Requires rank of Thug or higher)

Warren DistrictEdit

(Requires rank of Outlaw or higher)

Historic DistrictEdit

(Requires rank of Infamous)

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