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Cole entering Empire Electrics

Empire Electrics is a location in inFamous.


Located in Southeast Neon District, the Empire City Electrics is a large power station.


During the quest Blood Trail, Cole MacGrath follows the echo of Brandon Carey to this spot. Once there, Cole is ambushed by a group of Reapers. Afterwards, a Reaper Mad Bomber blows up the whole substation, causing the entire City to lose power.


  • Due to the high number of generators this is a good place for Cole to recharge.
  • Everything in the power station can be destroyed.
  • Before accepting the mission Blood Trail, the whole city has electricity. This is the best time to go hunt for Dead Drops and Blast Shards littered throughout the city to get a good starting edge.
  • After the Mad Bomber destroys the main substation at Empire Electrics, the whole city goes into a blackout. This concludes that Empire Electrics was the parent source of electricity for all of Empire City.



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