District Showdown

A District Showdown marker.

A District Showdown occurs when Delsin Rowe manages to lower DUP control within an area, either by smashing cameras and spy cameras, tagging buildings, destroying hand scanners, defeating secret agents.

A message will inform you that you have finished enough Anti-DUP actions to unlock the District Showdown and will show you where the District Showdown is. The force the DUP sends at Delsin depends greatly on which District you are attempting to shut down. Delsin will tag the 1-844-HELP-DUP board with whatever design you choose when Delsin spray-painted over the Space Needle banner. Delsin will prank-call the female helpline operator who will grow angrier with each district you take over.


  • Completing a District Showdown unlocks a new jacket for Delsin to wear.
  • During a brief interaction with the helpline operator, she refuses to tell Delsin her name out of fear that he has "Name Control" powers

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