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Dinner with Sasha

Prev: Trish Reaches Out
Next: Stranded
Start: Neon District
Unlock: Warren
Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Dinner with Sasha is the 14th story mission in inFamous.

Starting the MissionEdit

Moya will inform you of the base of operations of the Reapers in an old, underground tunnel which passes under the river.

The CompoundEdit

Once Cole has infiltrated the compound, a Bomber will rush him. Once you climb up the ladder, you'll be under fire from two turrets as well as three reapers in the watchtowers and one reaper on foot. Take them out one by one while taking cover especially from the turrets. Climb the watchtower to the right of the turrets and you'll be able to reach to tower on the left of the compound. There you'll find a lever that open the door leading into the tunnel. Three Reapers rush out, deal with them as you see fit and then enter the tunnel.

The TunnelEdit

Dinner with Sasha 2

Fighting Sasha's Reapers.

Inside the tunnel you will face several waves of reapers of all kinds- standard Reapers, Mad Bomber's and Reaper Conduits. Sasha will eventually enter Cole's mind and try to convince him to leave. Cole will reach an area where the Reapers are holding captured civilians in cages and turning them into more Reapers to bolster their numbers. Freeing them by shooting the cage locks grant XP.

Soon you reach a chasm in the tunnel. Leap down it and don't worry about the tar. Walk through the tar into the cavern to meet Sasha.

Dinner with SashaEdit

Dinner with Sasha 4

Sasha on her throne.

As the battle begins Sasha leaps on top of you and tries to tongue kiss you (Defeat). You must rapidly press the button on the screen and use your control stick to move Cole's hand towards the white circle. He then rips out the nozzle.

Once Cole reaches Sasha's "Throne Room", Sasha will disappear into the pit of tar. She then sneaks up on him and a grappling sequence begins. Afterward, Sasha will begin her regular attacks. She is a powerful conduit so she'll launch red shock-waves at you and also send hallucination reapers you've already encountered in Mind Games. Take a position with an electricity source within reach and stay on dry ground if possible. Try to avoid the shock-waves, ignore the hallucination reapers and aim for Sasha instead when they're attacking- she will be standing among them and vulnerable.


Sasha defeated.

If you hit her she'll go down temporarily; get to her asap and you'll enter a similar button mashing sequence as in the beginning after which normal battle begins again. Sasha will eventually have tentacles firing energy balls at you; dodge them or shoot at the tentacles. There will be two more button-mashing sequences of Sasha-grappling and the boss fight is over- a cut-scene plays and the First Sons extract Sasha and bring her to the Historic District where their base of operations are.


  • If Cole free the people who are already in Reaper suits in the contamination cages, they will ignore him.
    • However attacking them will earn Cole Negative Karma.
  • Unlike the fight against Kessler, the first Button-Mashing sequence against Sasha can be won.
  • Beating this mission takes the territory of the Reaper Compound. Note that getting the Community Organizer trophy requires you to beat this mission, as the Reaper Compound is considered a part of the Neon, and defeating Sasha is the only way to take it.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous - Dinner with Sasha Walkthrough12:58

InFamous - Dinner with Sasha Walkthrough



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