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The Department of Unified Protection

The DUP seal.
Leader: Brooke Augustine
Current status: Inactive
Primary locations: Seattle
Primary attire: Black and Yellow armored uniforms
Appears in: inFamous: Second Son
InFamous: First Light

The Department of Unified Protection (abbreviated as D.U.P) is a government agency in inFamous: Second Son. It is an organization created to arrest all Conduits, relabeled by the D.U.P as "bioterrorists," to ensure that the events of Empire City and New Marais are not repeated. [1] The director of the D.U.P is a woman named Brooke Augustine. The D.U.P recruits soldiers as artificial conduit officers capable of manipulating concrete been seen capturing bioterrorists.


The D.U.P. was founded by the Concrete Conduit Brooke Augustine with the "official" goal of preventing another Empire Event (the near destruction of a country by an extremely powerful Conduit known as The Beast) by locking up and detaining conduits, renamed Bioterrorists. In reality however Augustine's goal was to prevent another mass slaughter of Conduits at the hands of humans.

Within the first year of service the D.U.P. had captured over 300 Conduits "on the rampage." Utilizing the research notes of Dr. Sebastian Wolfe the D.U.P. began employing Forced Conduits as field soldiers, recruiting from military service those who had tested positive for the Conduit gene, and initially considering a wide array of options, used Augustine's own Concrete powers as the template.

Fall of an Empire

The D.U.P. soon became the victims of their own success, with all active Conduits detained or in hiding the government soon found the D.U.P. redundant and dangerous and scheduled for them to be shut down and all the prisoners transferred to military custody. Anticipating this Augustine put a couple of plans into play, in the first of which she arranged for her own adoptive Conduit daughter Celia Penderghast to escape to wreak havoc.

Augustine also spent years "training" Abigail Walker and Eugene Sims in the offensive use of their powers. Second she made sure that Hank Daughtry's, a criminal Conduit with a long history of breaking out of prisons, life was absolute hell thus making sure that he'd break out the first chance he got. That chance came while in Military transit when Hank broke free of his restraints and caused the truck to crash.

Afterwards the three conduits made their way to Seattle giving Augustine all the opportunity she needed to take over the city, rounding up anyone who had tested positive for the Conduit gene to prove her point that there would always be a need for the D.U.P. Unfortunately for her in the process of recapturing Hank Augustine used her cement powers to put the people of the Akomish tribe onto the path of a slow painful death.

Together a pair of Akomish brothers Delsin Rowe, a recently activated Conduit with the ability to copy other Conduit's abilities, and Reggie Rowe, the reservation's local sheriff, traveled to Seattle with the intention of absorbing Augustine's powers and using them to save the Akomish. Unfortunately while attempting to capture Delsin Augustine killed Reggie, enraging his brother.

Together with his allies Delsin stormed the D.U.P.'s headquarters, absorbed Augustine's powers, and used them to beat her into the ground before capturing her and dragging her to the authorities, crumbling the empire, army, and future she had worked so hard to build.


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APC (Armored Personnel Carrier)

The DUP patrol Seattle in these armored vehicles and will be on the look out for any Bioterroists in the act of using their powers. Bioterriosts can avoid confrontation if they keep a low profile. As the situation in Seattle becomes more desperate stronger soldiers are sent to patrol in these vehicles and some may even have an automatic turret mounted to the roof.


An attack helicopter will be sent out against any Bioterriost that is deemed a large threat. They are also stationed at some of the mobile command centers on the second island of Seattle in order to defend them. The only attack they are capable of is to shoot a number of missiles after acquiring their target, if not avoided they are capable of dealing fatal damage to even the most powerful of Conduits.



  • The amount of funding the D.U.P gets is classified. Though it's rumored to be three times the amount the government spends on education.
  • Like the Vermaak 88, D.U.P. soldiers are not Prime Conduits. This means they are people with the Conduit gene who have had the powers of another Conduit imbued into them rather than having their own abilities develop naturally.
    • Unlike the 88 though the D.U.P.'s forces don't seem to suffer mental instability from reduced powers.
    • This can be explained from one of Wolfe's audio logs, the mental instability that the 88 suffered was due to having Lucy Kuo's power divided amongst them, one on one transfers, while more costly, would be safer.
  • Sucker Punch created a real telephone line that can be called at 1-844-435-7387 or 1-844-HELP-DUP. Calling the number plays a pre-recorded message from in-game character Brooke Augustine about the Conduit gene.
  • The D.U.P. were the prime authority on all Conduit related matters and had the power to, if necessary, suspend civilian rights and place cities under marshal law in order to deal with Conduit threats.
    • However they were not popular with everyone as evidenced by the many people who supported Conduits rights and Anti-DUP organizations.
  • According to the audio logs left by the DUP informant, the DUP considered multiple Conduit powers to infuse into their troops. They wanted one that was "visually strong, easy to train, and versatile". All plant and organic based powers were rejected as they made people feel uneasy, wire proved too hard to control and paper failed to convey strength and security. Glass was a surprisingly strong choice but also proved too difficult to master in the end. Finally, Augustine's concrete power was chosen as the only viable option.
    • Concept art for Second Son revealed plans for glass and wire based powers as well, so it's possible that the developers actually went through this thought process when they made the D.U.P.
  • Concrete energy can be regained from draining it from fallen DUP soldiers, rather than from the Seattle environment itself.
  • The D.U.P. has several aspects of its technology built off of real-world counterparts. Their APCs are modelled after the M1117 ISV, their assault rifles closely resemble the ACR rifles, and the developers have noted that the fortresses the D.U.P. built in Seattle are based off of a mix of military bases and mobile concert technology.



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