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Death March

Prev: New Friends
Next: Minions
Start: The Warren and Historic District
Reward: 100 XP

Death March are evil side missions located in The Warren and The Historic District. The missions will be given by Sasha. It is similar to the Good Side Mission, Walk the Dogs. The only difference is you publicly execute your prisoners after forcing them to their destination.

Your objective is to escort the prisoners to a fixed location. Along the way, the Prisoners will attempt to flee or attack you, which you must shock them until they submit and resume walking. You can zap a prisoner during the march to make them walk faster.

In The Warren, you escort 4 standard Dust Men held captive by Reaper Conduits. In The Historic District, the only the prisoners you will escort are 3 First Sons conduits.

Video WalkthroughsEdit

InFamous Sasha's Evil Side Mission 303:22

InFamous Sasha's Evil Side Mission 3

Death March 1 (The Warren)

InFamous Historic District - Death March02:01

InFamous Historic District - Death March

Death March 2 (Historic District)

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