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Tar keg in inFamous

Cole in front of tar keg

Dark Water is a series of side missions in inFamous. They can be played either good or evil.

Starting the MissionEdit

After the Reapers start pumping their black tar across the Neon, side quests will open up with this mission. After starting the quest, a civilian tells you to destroy the tar keg on the roof of their building. After making it to the roof and killing the Reapers nearby, you can:


Overload the keg by shooting it with the Lightning Bolt, which causes the keg to release more tar into the system, preserving Cole's health


Destroy it with shockwave, which causes Cole to temporarily hallucinate, and also disables three Battery Cores. However, this purifies the water for the civilians.



Video WalkthroughsEdit

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 102:16

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 1

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 202:14

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 2

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 301:44

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 3

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 401:53

InFAMOUS - Neon District - Dark Water 4


  • The Voice of Survival will blame your actions as trying to destroy the people's water supply.
  • The Battery Cores can be regained by completing missions or by death.

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