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Voice of Survival

TV Jacker
Cole facing the "Voice of Survival" on the TV Screen.
Full Name: Voice of Survival
Affiliation/s: Citizens of Empire City
Occupation/s: Unofficial Broadcaster
Gender: Male
Current status: Deceased
Voiced by: Derrick Forget
Appears in: inFamous
"Just got word that the feds dropped some relief packages into Archer Square, the liars at the corporate media tells us that we're gonna get our fair share, that more is coming, heh, that's easy for them to say! They're not the ones living in this hellhole! And truth is that we've been abandoned, and no one is coming to save us."
— Dallas, the Voice of Survival

The Voice of Survival (real name: Dallas), was an insurgent living in Empire City. Dallas started broadcasting in Empire City after the Blast hit. He protested against the government and later Cole MacGrath, with the initial goal of helping the citizens and victims of the Blast.


Soon after the Blast hit Empire City, Dallas started his pirate broadcasts to help the victims of the Blast. He was based in a TV station located in the Historic District, reporting mistakes of the government and what the people could do to help those injured. Dallas initially reported important events, telling people to help the injured, especially the children and the weak. However, he was later threatened at gun point by the First Sons, began branding Cole MacGrath a terrorist, claiming he was the cause of the Blast, and referring to a picture given to him by the First Sons, whom he referred to as "anonymous." His comments on Cole got worse with time, and eventually he stopped blaming the government at all, and blaming everything solely on Cole.

Eventually, the First Sons had no further need of him, so they stormed the studio where he was filming his TV broadcasts and killed him in cold blood.

Appearance and Personality

Cole watches Dallas broadcast on TV

Cole watches Dallas' broadcast on TV.

Dallas appears to be something of a rebel. He stands up against the government, with good intentions. John White noted him as "a good kid," and he tries to help Empire City recover from the Blast.

He uses a very distinctive New York accent but tries to remain anonymous, hiding his face and encrypting his voice slightly while in front of the camera. He wears reflective glasses and his face is covered with a face scarf, concealing his identity. He also wears a white T-shirt.


  • Dallas is, unlike most characters, recorded in live action, never making an appearance with a 3D rendered model.
  • His real name, Dallas, was only revealed in the game's credits.
  • In the mission "The Good Stuff" Zeke tells Cole he should find the TV Jacker and "give him a taste of the good stuff," due to the statements the VOS has been making about Cole and thus, giving the mission its name.
    • Cole, however, is never able to find/kill the VOS due to the First Sons dealing with him first.
  • Zeke refers to him as the TV jacker and never as the Voice of Survival.
  • On the PlayStation Home space, Abandoned Docks of Empire City, some of Dallas' broadcasts are shown. The only difference is that his face can be completely seen.



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