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Several companies and products can be found in Empire City, appearing around districts on posters, banners, and billboards.

  • Tech-Kwon-Do: Tech-Kwon-Do is a chain of electronics stores found all throughout Empire City that sells TVs and other electronics. Two major personnel (The Voice of Survival and the USTV anchorwoman) often broadcast on the company's televisions. The company name is a pun on the martial art Tae-Kwon-Do.
  • Chummy Chicken: Chummy Chicken is a fast-food chain that appears throughout Empire City, and is visited once by Cole MacGrath as a request from Zeke. Also, the Dust Men were spotted in the area holding civilians hostage.
  • Mid-Life Cycles: Mid-Life Cycles is a company that makes various motorbikes. Their advertisement can be found all throughout Empire City. The name is a pun on the term "mid-life crisis".
  • Game Nuts: Game Nuts is a video game retail store that appears in various billboards throughout the city. Their logo features retro-themed video game sprites and avatars, and most of their adds use neon lighting.
  • Thunder Bird Motel: Thunder Bird Motel is a chain of motels located throughout Empire City. Several of their signs and banners are present on buildings.
  • Hastin Motors: Hastin Motors is a motor company present in Empire City. Several billboards are located throughout districts.
  • Shutter Speed Cameras: Shutter Speed Cameras is a company that sells different types of cameras in Empire City. Several billboards are present throughout districts. Their company slogan is: "For power shooting the ones you love.".
  • Fast Track Parcel Services: Fast Track Parcel Services is a company that delivers packages throughout the city, with several branches throughout the city. The company logo features a charging golden eagle head.
  • USTV: USTV is a News channel. In inFamous they report the current status of the quarantine, but as these reports are based on information from General Darren Bridges, they include nothing about Cole and his activities in the city.

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