"The Militia have set up a bunch of blockades, take them out!"
Zeke tells Cole about blockades.


Checkpoint mission start (inFamous 2)
Start: Ville Cochon, New Marais
Reward: 100 XP
Checkpoint is a one of three bonus side missions in InFamous 2. It is included in the Sucker Punch Mini-Missions Add-On Content DLC.


Cole reaches the Militia blockade

Cole reaches the Militia blockade

The mission starts in front of Subway restaurant in Ville Cochon. Zeke tells Cole that The Militia have setup a series of blockades in the streets of New Marais. Cole has to take out each one.


Upon completion, Cole receives 100 XP. Since this mission is included in Add-On content, finishing it doesn't reduce enemy activity in New Marais.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Infamous 2 Walkthrough - Side-Mission 20 Checkpoint03:58

Infamous 2 Walkthrough - Side-Mission 20 Checkpoint

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