Chasing Echoes

Chasing Echos 4
Start: Warren District
Reward: 100 XP

Chasing Echoes Is a side mission found in the Warren District in inFamous, in which Cole tracks the echo of a killer.


Chasing Echos

Cole uses psychic vision

Cole finds the body of a pedestrian, using one of his powers, psychic vision, Cole is able to see the residential neuro-electric outline of their killer, a Scrap Crab. Following the Scrap Crab's residual energy through the Dust Men's compound Cole faces multiple groups of Dust Men troops before he eventually finds three more bodies.

Chasing Echos 5

Defeating a Conduit

Once again using psychic vision, Cole is able to see the killers, three Dust Men Conduit's. Making his way further into the labyrinth of shipping containers, Cole faces the three Conduit's, and after a difficult fight, defeats them.


  • Confronting the three conduits head on can be difficult, fighting them from above (from the containers) makes the mission easier.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous The Warren - Chasing Echoes03:28

InFamous The Warren - Chasing Echoes

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