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This article is about Champion. For the previous rank, see Guardian.
This article is about Champion. For the next rank, see Hero.

Champion is the second Good Karma rank in InFamous and InFamous 2, and third Good Karma rank in inFamous: Second Son. At this rank Cole MacGrath and Delsin Rowe will be widely respected and many citizens begin to idolize them as their heroes.



Cole at Champion rank while fighting a Reaper Conduit on top of a train

"Heard some people talking on the street, saying how you're this big hero, that kind of thing. One gal said you look different, that you got some kind of aura of goodness surrounding you."
Zeke Dunbar informing Cole about the citizens positive opinion of him.


In inFamous, the Champion rank will unlock the second tier of good upgrades. The citizens of Empire City will begin see him as a hero, and gain hope in him. Cole can reach this rank during or after the mission Mind Games.


Cole and his clothes will become cleaner and he maintains his blue electricity.

inFamous 2

"These people will not forget what you've done for them"
Lucy Kuo praising Cole's selfless actions


Infamous 2 champion rank

Cole at Champion rank in InFamous 2

In inFamous 2, the Champion rank will unlock the second tier of good powers as well as the Group Heal boost. This allows Cole to heal multiple civilians at once. The citizens of New Marais will begin see him as a hero, and gain hope in him.


Cole will trade in his usual t-shirt for a white and blue one, he also swaps his jeans for a pair of blue track pants. Cole retains his blue electricity and will look a bit healthier.

inFamous: Second Son

ISS - Champion rank


Reaching the Champion rank, Delsin will unlock the second tier of good powers. This rank can be achieved after having done enough good deeds at Guardian rank. 


It is represented by Delsin's logo having once depicted two birds, with the one that represents positive karma being larger (Guardian), to that same bird now attacking the bird that represents negative karma. Also, Delsin's hoodie will become a bit brighter.


InFamous 2

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