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"‎What is this? Blood? They're stashing blood where anyone could find them, a kid! Well, I guess it's my civic duty to find them and drink them all."
— Cole MacGrath after he found the first jar

A Canopic Jar.

The Canopic Jars are jars filled with blood that Cole MacGrath, as a vampire, can find using his Vampire Sense. They are one of three methods Cole can use to fill the Corruption Meter (the others being drink the blood of civilians and killing Firstborns).

After finding a certain number of jars the Corruption Meter's capacity increases, allowing Cole to use the Shadow Swarm ability for a longer time. In total there are 100 Canopic jars to be found in New Marais.


All Jar locations


  • The Canopic Jars replace the Blast Shards from the previous games.


InFamous: Festival of Blood

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