Burning Wells

Burning Wells 2
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Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: Side missions in Flood Town

Burning Wells is the 23rd story mission in inFamous 2.


Set Fire to The WellEdit

"It’s getting a little hard to breath since those ice freaks lit fire to the wells."
— Laroche, on the fires around Flood Town.

Burning Wells 3
After Cole helped Laroche rid Flood Town of nearly all the swamp monsters, the Ice Gang took the opportunity and decided to overrun Flood Town. Laroche contacts Cole, informing him that the Ice Gang set fire to the wells, instructing him to use the well cap near it to put the fire out. After Cole does so (with Kinetic Pulse), Laroche informs Cole that they only have the one cap, and the next well is halfway accross Flood Town.
Burning Wells 12
After Cole makes his way to the next well, bringing the cap with him, he once again puts out the flames, despite efforts from the Ice Gang to stop him. He then brings the cap to the third well, however, he notices a fight going around between the swamp monsters and the Militia, with Bertrand present (in his normal form), though he shortly disappears. Cole, again, puts out the flames, and sets out to make his way to the last well, located at Laroche's hideout.

We Will Be Whole!Edit

Burning Wells 18
After reaching the last well, bringing the cap with him, Cole is interrupted with the appearance of a Crusher. After a long fought battle, Cole comes out victorious, and puts out the flames of the last well. Laroche thanks Cole, praising him that the people of Flood Town own him more than he can say. He then tells him that he should go to Zeke, and that he got a "surprise" for him, which Cole immediatly understands to be the Blast Core.


  • Once Cole reaches the train yard and notices the fight between the Milita and swamp monsters, Kuo states that they need to investigate the railyard. This forshadows the mission Rail Yard Intel.
  • This marks the first appearance of a Crusher.
  • At some point, Laroche suggests that maybe it's best if he gives the Ice Gang the Blast Core, only for Cole to remind him that they are crazy and that giving them the Core will only make things worse.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFamous 2 25 - Burning Wells

InFamous 2 25 - Burning Wells