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Brother's Keeper

Brother Keeper1
Start: The Warren
Unlock: N/A
Reward: 100 XP
Brother's Keeperis a side mission from InFamous.


"My brother has been captured by the Dustmen and is being forced to patrol with them!"
— The Medic

Down near the docks, Cole is contacted by a medic who's brother has been captured by the Dustmen and is forced to dress up in their uniforms and patrol with them across the Warren. The medic then gives Cole a picture of his brother in the Dustmen clothing, who is the only one of them who has a paper bag for a mask.

Cole then runs to where the Dustmen are and manages to defeat all of them except the medic's brother, after the battle is over, he helps the captured man to his feet and the medic and him run off to safety.


Video WalkthroughEdit

InFAMOUS - The Warren - Brother's Keeper01:48

InFAMOUS - The Warren - Brother's Keeper

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