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Barbed Cross

The Barbed Cross
Created by: Father Ignatius
User/s: Father Ignatius
Cole Macgrath
Obtained In: Festival of Blood
Upgradable: No

The Barbed Cross was a holy relic created by Father Ignatius to fend off vampires and other unholy creatures.


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The majority of this article contains spoilers and crucial plot details from InFamous: Festival of Blood.
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Ignatius' creationEdit

The Barbed Cross was created by Father Ignatius after Bloody Mary and her vampire followers began feeding upon the populace of New Marais. Its core composed of wood from a crucifixion cross, the cross itself was forged of silver from Solomon's Temple and then submerged in holy water in Vatican City. After its creation it was blessed by the "Big Guy" himself. It was the ultimate weapon for slaying vampires and other creatures of the night.

Rallying the civilians of New Marais, Father Ignatius led the angry mob to the catacombs of New Marais where the vampires were hiding. Ignatius, with the Barbed Cross in hand, was able to render the vampires powerless and cause them to flee. The people of New Marais then caught Bloody Mary and burned her at the stake.

Years later when the priest died, the people of New Marais buried the Barbed Cross alongside Father Ignatius within St. Charles Cemetery.

Cole MacGrath's usageEdit


Cole's Stake Amp

Many years later, after the resurrection of Bloody Mary, a First Born robbed Ignatius' grave and took the cross. However, the Conduit Cole MacGrath sought the cross also, in his attempt to defeat Mary. Eventually Cole was able to kill the First Born, only to discover it was gone. Later he chased a suspicious First Born around the city. Finally catching and defeating him, Cole gained the cross.

Being a vampire, the cross burned Cole's hand when he tried to pick it up but by using his powers, Cole was able to pick up the Cross and attach it to the stake he had created. While in his possession, the cross caused an instant kill to all regular vampires, and caused a sizeable damage increase against Firstborns. The Barbed Cross was used by Cole to confront and defeat Mary.



InFamous: Festival of Blood

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