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Angry Mob

Angry mob 4
Prev: No Forgiveness
Next: Hit Squad
Start: Neon District and Historic District
Reward: 100 XP

"Angry Mob" is a series of Evil Side Missions found in the Neon and Historic districts in inFamous, in which Cole is being hunted by angry citizens, tired of his evil ways.


Neon DistrictEdit

Angry mob

Cole and his informant.

Cole meets an informant in Memorial Park who warns Cole about an lynch mob that want “Your head on a platter”, also adding that “There are cops with them too.” Heading further into the park, Cole finds the group, marching together, armed with placards. Cole quickly moves against the mob, defeating the police and citizens that had dared to speak out against him.

Historic DistrictEdit

" The pigs and the sheep are marching through the streets, seeking to restore order. We can’t allow that, my sweet. They must realize that I am their queen and you are my king. "
— Sasha rant about the angry mob

Sasha telepathically contacts Cole, informing him about another angry mob, and telling him to put them in their place. From his rooftop vantage point, Cole is able to see the group of protesters who are being protected by a police SWAT team, but these prove to be no difficult for Cole who, once again, silences the angry mob.


  • In the Neon District, the mob start near the park's pond, making it easy to kill them all quickly if Cole pushes them into the water, and then shoot the water.
  • In the Historic District, Cole can Thunder Drop into the group of citizens, killing them all with one hit.


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