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Alden Strikes

Infamousaldenstrikes 10
Prev: Playing Hero
Next: Anything for Trish
Start: The Warren
Reward: 500 XP

Alden Strikes is the 21st story mission in InFamous.


Alden announces that he has captured Zeke who was snooping around. Cole then heads into the Dust Men Compound. Be wary of containers popping open to reveal Dust Men. Continue and use lightning bolts to wreck the catwalk a Dust Men is standing on. Turn the steam valves in the area ahead to deactivate the blasts of toxic gas coming from the pipes. With the second valve turned, climb the ladder across from them to reach wire above. Teeter above the reactivated gas to reach a barbed wire lined catwalk. You are confronted by a grenade launching Dust Men. Destroy the platform to defeat him.

Proceed with caution into the next section. Do not turn the corner as there is a turret and rocket launcher that can fire at you. Take out the Dust Men hiding in the container. Move in and out of cover so that you can see the position of enemy units. Next you reach a ramp that has a turret positioned at the top. Flammable barrels are also rolling down the ramp. Detonate barrels and use the concrete as cover. Proceed into the next area as it funnels Cole into an enclosed space among a large group of shipping containers. As Cole enters the area a chain-link gate slams shut (and we know by now Cole's complete inability to deal with any kind of fence whatsoever), leaving him a sitting duck for the Dust Men amassed on the other side. Run back out of the tunnel and climb onto the shipping containers to get over to the area that was once inaccessible. The next section involves a large amount of the dustmen. Ignite the barrels to take most of them out.
Infamousaldenstrikes 20

Cole ignites the barrels

You then see a large crane with Zeke hanging from it. Either kill all enemies or just run the whole way through to the crane. Once you ascend the crane activate it to free Zeke. Jump down and out of the compound to destroy the lock on the cage. Be warned that taking too long to reach the crane can result in the Dust Men firing an Rocket launcher and killing Zeke.

Video Walkthrough

InFAMOUS - Alden Strikes (21)13:53

InFAMOUS - Alden Strikes (21)



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