Against the World

Against the World
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Reward: 500 XP
Side Mission: N/A

Against the World is a main mission in inFamous.

Starting the Mission

"Damn things are spraying toxin all over the place, turning people into maniacs"
— John describes Kessler's balloons.

John White contacts Cole and informs him that Kessler has turned Sasha's mind control agent into a gas and using hot air balloons is spraying the districts of Empire City. John warns Cole that in order to stop them, he'll have to destroy the UAV's protecting the balloon before finding a way to disable its shields. Once the shield is down, he advises Cole to detach the platform, allowing the balloon to drift away.

Historic District

Against the World 7

Using Lightning Storm on a balloon.

Following the marker on his GPS, Cole follows the progress of the first balloon though the Historic District, and, avoiding the air-to-ground missiles it fires, destroys the UAV. Wasting no time he summons a Lightning Storm, obliterates the balloons shields and leaps onto the platform. Decoupling the balloon from its gas distributor canisters, Cole jumps away as the balloons ballast falls to the street below.

Warren District

"Nothing happened like I thought it was going to. Story of my life, I guess"
— Zeke tries to reach out.

As he makes his way to the second balloon, Cole receives a call from Zeke. Asking for his friends forgiveness, Zeke understands that he’s probably the last person Cole wants to speak to, but wanted to tell him that he didn’t know what was going to happen with Trish. Cole makes no reply and heads back into the Warren. Noting how the “gas is making everyone nuts” Cole once again disables the balloons protection before detaching the gas canisters. John contacts Cole and congratulating him on slowing the spread of the gas, advises that there are two balloons in the Neon District

Neon District

"Why won’t they obey me? That damn Kessler. But you’ll show him, won’t you? Yes, you’ll make him pay for what he’s done to me. The thought of you electrocuting him excites me. Really excites me."
— Sasha telepathically contacts Cole
Against the World 6

Destroying a UAV.

Leaving the Warren for the Neon district Cole is contacted twice. First Sasha contacts him telepathically, at first upset with Kessler she soon becomes excited with the idea of Cole electrocuting the man responsible for her plight. Making his way past Eagle Point Penitentiary Cole receives a call from Moya trying to reason with him, Moya explains her actions by pointing out the dangers of the Ray Sphere describing it as “a weapon of ultimate destruction” but Cole snubs her, telling her to “find another lapdog”.

Reaching the third balloon Cole not only has to deal with the UAV protecting the balloon but three turrets attached to the platform. Once all the obstacles are dealt with he detaches the platform and moves onto the last balloon. Guarding the final balloon is a Reaper Conduit, though Cole isn’t able to fight him until the balloons shield is disabled, after he has defeated the Reaper he is able to detach the last of the gas canisters, clearing the skies of the toxic menaces for good and saving the citizens of Empire City from becoming mind controlled slaves.


  • The balloon shield will recharge after a short while.
  • When you use lightning storm near the balloons it will auto target them and hit them continuously for several seconds instead of moving in a line like it usually does.
  • If Cole falls to the ground below the balloon, he will quickly be affected by the gas and attacked by the citizens already experiencing the gases effects.
  • Whilst on the balloons platform, avoid shooting the balloon, which will kill you and cause you to fail the mission.
    • Even after you release the balloon, shooting it can still kill you.
  • Using Polarity Wall in conjunction with Lightning storm whilst bring down the last two balloon's shields protects Cole from the turrets.
  • Shocking the Reaper Conduit on the final balloon will force him to teleport to a roof top, making it easier to fight him.
  • Some civilians may still attack Cole after he has disposed of all of the balloons.
  • During this mission Brandon Carey, a character Cole has previously met in the mission Blood Trail, is encountered on the street as one of the infected citizens, regardless of Cole’s karma choice in Blood Trail. He carries his white crowbar and will attempt to attack Cole along side other citizens affected by the gas. This is most likely a glitch that wasn't intended.


Video Walkthrough

InFAMOUS Walkthrough - Mission 31 Against the World06:11

InFAMOUS Walkthrough - Mission 31 Against the World


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