Aftermath (inFAMOUS: Second Son)

Wounded Betty praises Delsin for his actions
Prev: The Visitors
Next: Parting of the Ways
Start: Akomish Longhouse, Salmon Bay
Reward: N/A
Side Mission: N/A

Aftermath is the third mission in inFamous: Second Son.

The Mission

The Awakening

"Oh my god. How could anyone do this? How many people did she hurt? And no one could stop her?"
— Delsin upon finding x-rays of wounded people.

A week after brutal interrogation, Delsin wakes up in the Longhouse, now converted to a triage for the wounded. After noting that his leg had recovered from the wounds, Delsin takes a tour of makeshift hospital, and finds on his way some horrific x-rays of people wounded by Brooke Augustine's Concrete daggers.


"Can't be ashamed for what you are. Can't help it. You were born that way. [...] You are not one of those... beady-eyed Bio-Terrorists who go around killing people higgledy-piggledy. You're a good boy... just happen to have smoke coming out of your fingers."
— Betty consoles worried Delsin (Good Karma only).

Delsin eventually finds wounded Betty, and learns from her that the rest of the tribe were injured by Augustine's cement daggers, attempting to learn what happened between Hank and Delsin. Depending on what he did during interrogation, Betty will either praise Delsin for risking his freedom for the Akomish, or scold him for hanging out the rest to dry.

A New Objective

Delsin talks with Reggie in the Longhouse during Aftermath mission

Delsin talks with Reggie in the Longhouse.

"Reggie. I did this. And I gotta fix it."
— Delsin takes responsibility for the tribe's suffering.

After leaving Betty alone, Delsin meets up with his brother, Reggie, who tells him that the Akomish are all dying, and that the only way to save them is to use Brooke Augustine's Concrete power to remove the daggers. Knowing that he can absorb other Conduit's powers (Henry Daughtry's for example) Delsin convinces Reggie to take him to Seattle where D.U.P. have chased down the other two Conduits, and absorb Augustine's powers to undo what she did.

Video Walkthrough

InFamous Second Son - Aftermath PS4 Gameplay HD05:51

InFamous Second Son - Aftermath PS4 Gameplay HD


  • It is the only mission, where Delsin is shown without his iconic jacket.

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